Hoorray Hoorray I reach 2K ♪♫

Hello my friends as you can see I’ve got a milestone with having over 2 thousand Tumblr users following me.
I am litterally a no one in a big city I have like 10 friends and I could never imagine that 2 thousand people from all over the world would follow my blog! You guys are just amazing ! I made i little edit of Ichigo representing  his fathers Engetsu power(well thats my interpretation) and I also did a Followforever. May you search for a blog .. all of them are awesome ! 
But first i want to thank two people my Sensei in mangacaps: ♥mrsjblack ♥ I love you. And my best friend :♥ fleurdelaluna ♥ I love you too bakaaa.
And here is my FF - Favorite - :

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Thank y’all !!